Reformation Trust

The Reformation Trust was founded in the mid-1980's as a tax exempt trust fund for the propagation of God-honoring music and literature.

Our first album was an audio tape entitled "Come Ye Sinners" which featured tenor Lou Hassig accompanied by his wife Rita, who teaches and has performed on the piano in the local Greenville area. The album is all piano and voice. available on tape

available on CD

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Come Ye Sinners
Our second effort was "Comfort Ye My People" which again features Lou and Rita. In this one, Rita composed and played an arrangement of Psalm 23. available on tape
Comfort Ye My People
Lou also sings on our third recording which is entitled "Come Ye Blessed." It also includes a number of others: John VanVoorhis sings "If Thou Wilt suffer God to Guide Thee" and "Dear Lord and Master Mine."
Scott VanSteenburgh sings the title track from Matthew 25:34 which was his senior recital piece at Bob Jones University from back in the 70's. He also sings "Whate'er My God Ordains is Right."
The other songs are done by a quartet which includes the aforementioned Scott VanSteenburgh and the Tankersley Brothers Brad and Jeff who harmonize many of the songs. The fourth member of the quartet is Gregg Farrier.
available on tape

available on CD

Come Ye Blessed
We are currently looking into the production of a fourth as yet untitled album, which, like the others, is a collection of the "older" hymns. We believe that these hymns are valuable to the church and we have set them in a format where the words can be understood.
Coming soon
One thing that we have tried to keep in mind as we do these albums is to make the words easy to understand so that they can be learned. We think that these are Scriptural hymns and are edifying to the hearers.

If you would like to order any or all of these albums, we are selling them for $8.00 each, or $20.00 for the whole set. We are now into remastering for production as CD and are available as indicated.
Reformation Trust is a non-profit organization.
Please make checks to Seth Farrier and send to 310 Green Tree Dr. Liberty, SC 29657